The Award-Winning Line Marking System

When Linemark was founded in 1996 the company was one of several manufacturing grass paint for line marking purposes. The company made high quality products and grew from local to regional reach.

In 2006 the Impact ready to use paint was invented and the unique iGO line marker was developed. A new standard in line marking was set. The combination of Impact paint and the iGO is so unique that it earned Linemark the Queen’s Award for Innovation. Sales gathered serious speed and the company went to national reach and began exporting.

Linemark International was established in 2013 as an “export arm” of Linemark and markets line marking paint and application machines in more than 20 countries around the world. Linemark International’s success is built on Linemark’s range of innovative high quality products and a group of professional, dedicated and enthusiastic dealers.

Linemark’s international reach has earned the company its 2nd Queen’s Award. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2016 (the highest business accolade in the UK). And this is just the beginning.

The combination of the Impact range of paint, the iGO line marker and the cone shaped nozzle is what makes Linemark so unique.

From the unique feature of the product, the end user gains:

No more mess in line marking
Impact is ready to use paint – no more mixing and pouring paint and no more mess.

It’s easier
The iGO line marker is designed by and for grounds staff and is easy to set-up, operate and clean after use and is easily stored.

Save money
With the iGO line marker and the Impact paint you can overmark a standard football (soccer) field with as little as 1.6 liters
(0.42 gallons) of paint. The price per field has never been lower.

Looking after the environment
The paint is 100% biodegradable and when applied by the iGO line marker, water and energy is saved. Less paint also means less packaging material.